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2017 Recipients

Something Wonderful is Happening in Warner
Jim Mitchell


MainStreet Warner Inc. is very pleased to announce the recipients of the Jim Mitchell Scholarship for 2017, chosen for their contribution to the community while growing up in Warner; Tess Witmer and Carl Betz.

Congratulations to our latest ambassadors from Warner.

Jim Mitchell Scholarship Applications

We are now accepting applications for the Jim Mitchell scholarship. Please submit a cover letter explaining future plans, how Warner has helped to shape you, and how you have been involved in the community.

In addition, please provide a copy of the letter of admission to your secondary institution and two letters of reference that speak to your strengths and your relationship to Warner.

Due by May 1 to:
MainStreet Warner, Inc.
Scholarship Committee
PO Box 248
Warner, NH 03278

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The 2017 Jim Mitchell Scholarship Book Sale was a wonderful success. The "Big Tent", a cool May day and our wonderful volunteers helped make it so.
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Jim Mitchell
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2016 Recipients

Recipients of the Jim Mitchell Scholarship

Tess Witmer
Carl Betz

Emily Collins
Silas Allard
Jack Van Etten

Alexander Bartholomew
Jason DiGeronimo
Alexandra Sailer

Natalie Witmer
Fionna Shea

Rhett Courser
Marissa France
Dorothy Parsons
Connor Saunders

Eliza Henley
Katie Stasalovich

Jennifer Cookingham
Matthew Stasalovich

Sadie Courser
Michael Smith
Jerel Ward
Julie Wischan

Seth Henley
Molly Trayner

Emily Fougere
Lane Nevins
Matthias Nevins
Morgan Saunders


16 East Main Street
PO Box 130
Warner, NH 03278
603-456-2060 Fax

How You Can Help

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