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Painting by Colin Mitchell Nevins 2011

Something Wonderful is Happening in Warner
Jim Mitchell

The Jim Mitchell Community Park

opened to the public on 10/10/10 at 10:10 am. A Park inspired and initiated by Jim Mitchell to give back to a town he so loved. In October of 2013 the MainStreet Warner Stage, a 13th century post-and-beam barn design opened in the amphitheater behind the bookstore. A stage designed and built by local carpenters, volunteers, with funds raised from the community. It is run on four solar panels, installed by MainStreet BookEnds, and the park is irrigated by a stored rainwater system installed by Greenleaf Irrigation. Current fundraising efforts are focused on creating a permanent sound and lighting system, and an “edible landscape” garden.
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The All-Star Post-and-Beam Crew after installing the trusses, built off-site and assembled May 2013.
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Bob Shoemaker hangs the plaque in appreciation of those who made The MainStreet Warner Stage possible, October 10, 2013.
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MainStreet Warner Stage

The Board of MainStreet Warner, Inc.
wishes to extend their appreciation to
Charlie Betz
Peter Ladd
Robert Shoemaker
and their All-Star Post & Beam Team
Taylor Blachly
Sean Carroll
Dan Cogswell
David Court
Greg Dockham
Jason Holmes
Jim McLaughlin
David Sullivan
Kyle Whitehead

Platinum Sponsors
Greenleaf Irrigation
J.D.Hanna Excavating
Nancy Sibley Wilkins Town of Warner Trust Fund
New Hampshire Charitable Fund
Pellettieri Associates Landscaping
Sugar River Bank
Warner Fall Foliage Festival
Weaver Brothers Construction

And These Supporting Families
Hank and Paula Bothfeld
George Richard Stevens
Alderic O. “Dick” and Alice B. Violette

Built by this community, for all of the community, reflecting our talents and
perseverance; built with our hands, our hearts and our minds.
This stage stands as a testament to the grace and beauty among us,
and the overwhelming sense of gratitude that we share to be a part of this town.
May it stand for our future generations, free to all, to reflect and restore us.
May this masterpiece of human skill and art be our monument to the future, and always remind us that our dreams begin and are fulfilled within our community.

Concord Monitor article, October 11,2013

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Nancy Sibley Wilkins Heritage Walkway


16 East Main Street
PO Box 130
Warner, NH 03278
603-456-2060 Fax

How You Can Help

Click here to join the volunteer effort.